The Balance Tracking System (BTrackS™) gives health professionals a very affordable solution to objectively assess and train balance using gold standard force plate technology.

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BTrackS™ Software Applications

  • Balance and Fall Risk Assessment
  • Normative Data based on Age/Sex
  • CTSIB and Limits of Stability Test
  • Cervical Challenge Neurology Test
  • Biofeedback Balance Training/Rehab

  • Baseline Balance Assessment
  • Post Concussion/Injury Evaluation
  • Return to Baseline Information
  • Printable Athlete Testing Reports
  • Percentile Rankings for Age/Sex

  • Custom Data Collection Framework
  • Simple Balance Protocol Development
  • Post-hoc Playback of Testing Data
  • Raw Data Exporting for Post Processing
  • Ten Standard Metrics Calculated

New Software Release – BTrackS™Assess Balance Version 5!

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Erchonia Corporation – World Leader in Low Level Laser Technology

Erchonia is proud to support the “Back in Balance” Seminar Series featuring its proven lasers and the BTrackS™ Balance System supported by Dr. Trevor Berry, DC, DACNB. Erchonia is a family owned company that is changing the world with the most advanced non-invasive lasers on the market. Erchonia went from starting in a small garage in 1996 to selling their products in over 50 countries worldwide. Erchonia is passionate about researching and developing low-level lasers, and because of this they have more FDA market clearances than all other low-level laser companies combined.

Direct Supply offers BTrackS™ for Senior Living

Balance Tracking Systems is pleased to announce that a BTrackS™ offering for Senior Living facilities is now available through Direct Supply. With the demand for Balance and Fall Risk Assessments growing rapidly, Direct Supply is offering a complete solution including the BTrackS™ Balance Plate, Assess Balance Software and a Laptop Computer. Measure and track the balance and fall risk of all your residents using a computerized, objective, gold-standard balance measurement system.

Scrip Hessco offers BTrackS™ for Chiropractic Market

Balance Tracking Systems is pleased to announce that BTrackS™ Assess Balance is now available through Scrip Hessco. Chiropractors across the USA are utilizing BTrackS™ and Scrip Hessco is a key supplier to this market. Scrip is providing both BTrackS™ Assess Balance Configurations and Chiropractors can also add Sport Balance Software if desired. Visit Scrip Hessco online or through the catalog to purchase your BTrackS™ Assess Balance System.

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BTrackS™ in the News

Fox 2 Detroit anchor Deena Centrofanti visited Professor Daniel Goble (creator of BTrackS) in his lab at Oakland University to find out “Why we lose our balance as we age – and what can we do?”. Click the video to the right to watch the full report.

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