Area Agency on Aging
and Senior Centers

Helping Seniors to understand their balance—and their risk for falling—is a needed service that should be offered by all AAA’s and Senior Centers.

Prior to BTrackS™, there was no easy and affordable way to objectively track changes in older adult balance over time. Now, by using BTrackS™, each senior can be tested to determine:

  • Their BBT result (i.e. the average amount of postural sway they exhibit)
  • Their Percentile Ranking comparing their BBT to age matched peers in the BTrackS™ Normative Database of over 10,000 results
  • Their Fall Risk Assessment (FRA), which will be either Low, Moderate or High. This is not a diagnosis – it is an assessment that helps seniors understand if they should focus on improving their balance.

Although the initial assessment is valuable, BTrackS™ has additional value to AAA/Senior Centers as a tool to track, over time, the balance of the senior.

Falls are the #1 cause of injury for older adults. Many falls are caused by poor balance. BTrackS™ is “The Balance Thermometer” to help seniors understand their balance and fall risk.

New Research – BTrackS™ + GeriFit can Reduce Older Adult Fall Risk

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