Athletic Training
and Sports Medicine

Objective force-plate balance testing with BTrackS™ has been shown to outperform subjective balance tests like the popular Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) for concussion assessment. Thus, BTrackS™ provides a higher standard of care for athletes.

So – if you are running a concussion protocol for a team, school, or club, the best choice for balance testing is BTrackS™. Some advantages of using BTrackS™ for your athletes are:

  • The BTrackS™ Balance Test (BBT) is fast, accurate and highly reliable.
  • There are no “per test” fees so you can test every athlete in your program – whether you have 50 or 5000 athletes.
  • Tens of thousands of athletes are baseline tested every year on BTrackS™ before their season starts. This creates our Normative Database, which automatically identifies those athletes whose balance is in the lower percentiles of performance–and could use improvement.

BTrackS™ is currently used by many sports programs and sports medicine doctors. In addition to using BTrackS™ for concussion testing, athletic trainers and sports medicine doctors can use BTrackS™ to track and monitor their athletes throughout the preseason and season.

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