BTrackS™ Balance Plate
Trusted Balance Technology

Postural sway control measured by a force plate has long been established as a gold standard for balance assessment. Unfortunately, widespread use of force plates has traditionally been limited due to high cost and lack of portability. With a one-of-a-kind design, the BTrackS™ Balance Plate provides the first affordable, portable and practical force plate balance testing and training solution.

Highlighted Features

USB Interface

The BTrackS™ Balance Plate easily interfaces with your computing device via the USB port. This connection is more stable than Wifi or bluetooth communications. The device also powers directly from the connected computer eliminating the need for an AC power outlet or batteries.

FDA Class 1 Medical Device

The BTrackS™ Balance Plate is manufactured in California in an FDA Qualified Facility that has achieved ISO 13485 Compliance. The FDA Registration is under Part 890 – Physical Medical Devices and is further categorized within 890.1575 as a Force-Measuring Platform. The FDA Registration number is 3010668481 and the CFDB License Number is 73881.

Validated Performance

Two published studies in the Journal of Biomechanics found that BTrackS™ has near perfect agreement with an expensive, laboratory-grade force plate.

Truly Portable

The BTrackS™ Balance Plate weighs less than 15 lbs and comes standard with an easy to grasp carrying handle for true portability.

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range:
Adjustable Legs:

15.5″ x 23.5″ x 2.5″
14.5 lbs
32-130° F
5V USB output
1/2″ range

Recommended Computer Specifications

Operating System:
Screen Resolution:
Hard Drive:
Touch Screen:

Windows 7 or higher
1024×768 minimum
2.0 GH or higher
Dual Core
128 GB
4 GB

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