Chiropractic Care and
Functional Neurology

BTrackS Assess Balance Advanced Software is widely used by Chiropractors across the United States and Canada. Key advantages include:

  • Ability to assess every patient’s balance with a computerized objective system to determine if a balance deficit is present. The BTrackS Balance Test (BBT) has 20,000 normative values and provides age and gender-based percentile rankings for each patient as well as a Fall Risk Assessment of Low, Moderate or High risk.
  • Objective evidence that your treatment is effective and helping to improve balance. This treatment can be supplemented with one of five Biofeedback Balance Training Protocols that allow patients to undergo postural sway training to address noted deficits.
  • Advanced balance assessment protocols including the Clinical Test of Sensory Integration and Balance (CTSIB). This test provides results that show how the main three sensory feedback systems for balance (i.e. proprioception, vision, vestibular) function relative to one another. Built-in normative values flag trial results that are in the bottom 25%.
  • A test called the Cervical Challenge developed with direct input from Functional Neurologists. This test has 11 trials with the patient’s head in a different cervical position for each trial. Poor performance on one or more trials can indicate specific vestibular conditions that may require treatment.

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