Physical Therapy and
Rehabilitation Centers

Many people receiving Physical Therapy or other forms of Rehabilitation have poor balance due to their injury or neuromuscular disease condition. Having BTrackS™ Assess Balance at your facility will allow:

  • Continual objective assessment of balance and weight distribution, providing evidence that treatment is effective –justifying future visits— and/or changes in treatment protocols.
  • Improvement of Balance through use of the new BTrackS Balance Training module with center of pressure biofeedback and performance metrics.
  • Billing of several CPT codes that are available for balance evaluations (e.g. 97750 and 92548). Please check with a billing expert to determine the appropriateness of any code utilized.

Before BTrackS™ Assess Balance, force plate balance testing was very expensive. Now, for only $1700.00 your practice can get BTrackS™ Assess Balance and help improve patient care.

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