Balance and Posture Researchers

Research on balance and postural control using a force plate has been ongoing for several decades. This work focuses largely on the calculation of center of pressure (COP) from forces applied by the feet to the ground during standing.

Changes in the location of center of pressure over time (i.e., postural sway) have been shown to be a good indicator of how well people can control their center of mass, an important component of maintaining one’s balance. Using the BTrackS™ Explore Balance software, researchers have the ability to:

  • Create a customized testing protocol consisting of any number of trials, of any length, that they choose.
  • Use software to facilitate the creation of participant profiles, as well as the execution of balance trials with real-time user feedback.
  • Allow data visualization through a trial “replay” function where ten standard COP metrics are calculated by default.

In addition, all BTrackS™ Explore Balance data are easily exportable to delimited text files for further analysis by the user.

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