Senior Living Facilities

When we invented BTrackS™ in 2014 – Senior Living was one of the three markets in greatest need of our product. There was no affordable way to objectively measure the balance of older adults – and they are ones that need it most.

Statistics speak – when you turn 65 you have a 25% chance of falling and when you turn 80 that increases to 50%. Senior Living Facilities want to understand the balance of their residents. It’s imperative to providing good care.

A Senior Living Facility with BTrackS™ Assess Balance can measure and track the balance, posture and fall risk of all residents. You can assess all existing residents as well as new ones. You will know which residents have poor balance and high fall risk. Exercise programs can be established for those residents.

Being able to demonstrate to residents and their families that you are now able to objectively measure balance and fall risk will help your facility recruit residents. Also, BTrackS is a very effective system to demonstrate to health officials that your facility is on-top of the fall risk situation.

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