Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

The BTrackS™ Assess Balance System is the most affordable computerized balance testing system in the USA. It measures the precise postural sway of an individual, which provides immediate objective data for Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation. There are three sensory components to balance: proprioception, vision and vestibular. The BTrackS™ Clinical Test of Sensory Integration in Balance (CTSIB) lets you isolate each area and then immediately assess the patient and the effectiveness of various lenses by instantly measuring the size and direction of the patient’s sway. In addition, you can also measure the success of your therapy by re-testing during, or at the completion of, therapy.

The CTSIB validates the best performing yoked prism. The test is easy to administer, and provides an immediate report that shows how the patient’s center of gravity and postural sway is affected by the specific prism. First, the patient is tested with no prisms, and the findings are recorded as a baseline test. Then, the patient is post-baseline tested with various prisms on, and results from each test are evaluated to determine which prism had the most positive affect.

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